Watercolor May 2019

In my third year at CalArts I took a visual development class and discovered the wonders of adding texture to digital art.  Ever since, I’ve been a bit obsessed with painting my own textures to scan into my computer.  Most of my watercolors have thus been spent on creating colorful, blobby gradients and paint splatters.

When I visited the arboretum this May with my friend, Charlotte, I brought some of those watercolors with me and painted the plants we saw there.  I wasn’t sure what to do with it when I was done, so I thought I’d scan it and play with it as a texture.


It ended up evolving into something bigger, and I wound up painting several other watercolor textures to layer into 3 different animation ideas.

These circles were sequenced to create the flickering gradient animation
ocean water

The individual results created with these pieces are posted on my Instagram, but they’re pretty small and compressed on that platform.  That’s why I compiled all three into the video above.

This was a super fun personal project and I hope to take this style of combining traditional media with vector animation further someday, perhaps as a music video or short film.

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