Flyer Hydrant: Update 2

I am so excited to be writing about this again!  Last semester, I worked with the CalArts Game Makers alumni team as an asset artist on a really fun game, Flyer Hydrant!  We all enjoyed it so much that we decided to continue working on it through the Spring semester as well.  Our goal was to launch a polished version of the game for our portfolios and to possibly take it to indie game festivals.


We are currently putting the finishing touches on it to prepare for launch.  The first time you can play it will be at CalArts Digital Expo 2019!  This will be my first time attending the expo with something I’ve made being displayed, so I’m really excited for it.  Please come to CalArts on 5/9 if you’re interested in seeing some awesome games and interactive art.

The latest version of the game has two new worlds.  I had a lot of fun creating tiles for these places.  Of the three worlds, I’d have to say my favorite one to design was “Yonk’s Kitchen.”  My inspiration came from restaurants like Buca di Beppo that tend to have a lot of pictures covering the walls.

Take a look at the rooms I designed below!

The entrance.   Yes you have to climb spiral stairs to get to the dining area.
General dining area
Private dining complete with framed portrait of Yonk himself.
Wine bar
Dish washing and coffee station
Yonk Sauce storage area with spooky portal.

There were a few special props that I created for the new mechanics we added.  As you can see in the photo above, the Yonk Sauce containers stand out from the rest of the level.  This is because they are explosive!  Any collision with Yonk Sauce will create more fires in your nearby surroundings, making it harder for you to rescue victims.


The Yonk Sauce shares the same color as the spooky portal for reasons I will not reveal here.  You’ll have to play the game to find out!

I will, however, give you a preview of what’s on the other side of the portal.

What are those red eyes?
Lots o’bones

Spooky!  You will find another new mechanic in this world as well.  Every yellow-brown prop is a physics object that can be manipulated by flying at it or hitting it with your jetpack stream.


I’d like to give thanks to the rest of the team.  Every one of them contributed to making this game very special:

Nathan Savant, Jeff Huang, Holland Sangster, Martyna Wasiluk, Paul Flores, Alex Aguilar, Melanie Carroll-Dolci, Kerri Shak, and Kayle Khanmohamed.

Please follow us on Twitter or Instagram under the handle @YonksKitchen where we will be posting updates on the game as they are released.

If you’d like to see some concept art for this game, please check out my previous post.

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