Peach Truck Animation

Excited to bring you my first personal project of the year!  It feels good to work on animation for myself and to have time to learn new things.  Now that I’m in between freelance gigs, I’ve taken the opportunity to dive back into Cinema 4D.

I was never too interested in 3D animation back in school, but over the years I’ve gone from:
Maybe this isn’t so bad,
and finally:
I think I actually like this!

Choosing the right projects to learn by definitely lends to me liking it more.  I’ve been inspired by artists on Instagram and YouTube who make 3D art look fun, simple and cute.  It encourages me to keep tinkering with this awesome program despite the frustrations that inevitably result from learning new software.

So, enjoy this low poly truck and it’s peach bounty!  Expect more 3D art in the near future. 🙂


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